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Dual Frequency USV Package


This service is for engineering, wastewater and stormwater professionals.  This shallow water sonar package utilises intelligent dual frequency technology to image 'surficial' and 'cosolidated' bottom of waters simultaneously.

With very narrow sonar beams, this sonar package is able to image in less than a foot of water, allowing us to collect SWM pond and Lagoon data sets. Unlike traditional dual frequency sonars, we are able to select from a range of low frequency channels which is important for the changing bottom characteristics between each water.

A sound tool for imaging not only depth (bathymetry) of shallow inland waters, but to also image sediment layers and to help with understanding sediment volumes. 

The dual frequency sonar transducer is equipped with thruster noise protection.  This creates a barrier between the sonar and any noise generated from the thrusters that could cause interference when data logging.


Our Dual  Frequency USV Package is purpose built to make sonar data collection efficient and comprehensive.   

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