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Our Transport Canada commercially registered 16ft Aluminum LUND work boat with 25hp four stroke Mercury outboard offers a versatile option for expanding our ROV Services further on larger bodies of water. It also gives the option of being a stand alone service if a boat and certified driver is all that is needed.


Fully kitted out with all Transport Canada required safety equipment, PFDs and Lowrance 3-1 Active Sonar imaging, we are ready for your ROV Imaging, Sediment/Water Sampling, Object retrieval or custom purpose days on the water.


By using our stand alone boat service with certified Transport Canada SVOP & SDV-BS driver, we take the hassle out of renting, insuring and the logistical planning of boating for your work purposes. If you need to be on the water to collect samples, take photographs, visual inspect shorelines or infrastructure or check on deployed equipment then, please, reach out to us.


  • First Aid

  • Transport Canada required safety equipment

  • PFD’s



  • Safety equipment including PFDs

  • Fuel

  • Registered & Insured commercial work boat

  • Driver - SVOP & SDV-BS Transport Canada certified

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