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Using a versatile custom built USV (Unmanned Surface Vessel), we provide various sonar imaging services using intelligent autonomous auto pilot programming and sonar transducers combined with two different processing software suites suited for different marine applications.


As a fully unmanned, autonomous and portable service, we are able to sonar image bodies of water where large motor boats are impractical or unauthorised. These services are aimed at a variety of applications, and allow a wider scope of possibilities for imaging bottom characteristics of waterbodies.


The USV is constructed from tough GRP, is light weight and can be deployed in a range of environments. Propelled by two brushless shrouded thrusters, with a 10kg working payload.

Onboard, in secure weather sealed hatches, are long endurance Lithium Ion batteries, PX4 autopilot and Herelink controller units, onboard HD camera and custom fabricated sonar transducer adjustable poles and brackets.


The USV is piloted using a Herelink controller which is an integrated remote controller, ground station and wireless digital transmission system, paired with a PX4 auto pilot system for unmanned vehicles. This integrated controller and auto pilot allows for autonomous and RC control, 1080 HD video and telemetry data to be transmitted simultaneously on one channel which allows for a small working foot print.


The controller is loaded with a ground control software that allows for mission planning and configuration as well as mission map display showing the USV position, tracking, waypoints and USV instruments. Live video streaming is also viewed.  

Read here for more technical information on our USV.

The USV can also be used in non imaging applications, including garbage clean up, oil boom mobility and water quality sensor payloads. Reach out to us directly for more information.



• 1000mm L x 700mm W x 460mm H

• Weight 16kg, Payload 10kg

• 100% battery operated

• x2 350 watt brushless shrouded thrusters

• 3.8 knots max speed, 1.9 knots working speed

• Shoreline or boat launch-able

• 2-4hr run times, field swappable batteries

• Autonomous & RC controlled

• Long range Autonomous distance 

• Front facing HD camera

• Tough GRP construction

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completewaters offers two packages to suit the needs of our clients.


Firstly, our Enviro BioBase USV Package makes use of the USV being equipped with the latest Navico sonar and chart plotter from Lowrance. Imaging a waterbody with this set up allows us to data log and store raw sonar logs to then be processed in the BioBase software. This package is suited for the Aquatic Resource and Lake Management professionals.

Secondly, our Dual Frequency USV Package makes use of the USV being equipped with an advanced dual frequency sonar and onboard PC running live time hydrographic software. Imaging a waterbody with this set up allows us to data log and store raw dual frequency sonar logs to then be processed in HydroMajic software. This package is suited for the engineering, wastewater lagoon and stormwater professionals.

To find out more about each package, click the icon below.

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